Monday, 9 March 2015

Her Search

Sometimes I wonder which of those
Ideas I could put my faith in,
To appease the heart’s roaring din,
And unshackle the mind of woes.

In goodness of light I repose,
Even though shadow stalks within.
I gracefully turn away sin,
Yet its scent pricks me like a rose.

So I realize I must travel,
To see, hear, feel the world’s rancour,
With my hometown as my anchor,
Still, my inner peace unravels,

In travel, I look for my soul,
I cross great roads and frozen glades,
I rest under the world tree’s shade,
I see blackened stumps, burnt like coal,

I see fish swimming in great shoals,
I see lost art, starting to fade,
I seek fellow wanderers’ aid,
I venture forth with no known goal.

I walk this journey as if cursed,
Undying, hollow and empty,
Though I have water aplenty,
It does not nourish this cold thirst,

Emotion, thoughts swirl through my mind,
A maelstrom, most of it unkind,
It’s a breached dam of perturbed peace,
Only craving for sweet release,
I fear it may reach breaking point,
It reverberates through my joints,

Only one purpose remains for me,
To plunder the Dragon's treasury,
Then over life I ll gain mastery,
And conquer the hunger within me.  

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